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    US GymMats offers Martial Arts Mats for home  training areas  as well as complete floor surfaces for commercial Martial Arts facilities. Vinyl cover and padding can be portable or permanently installed to cover a large dojo or individual training areas. Our mats  are designed for superior performance and durability for all skill levels of martial arts activities requiring floor protection.

Portable martial art mats come in 2 distinctive styles. Sparring Mats and Takedown Mats are both manufactured with our "Power Foam " and durable 18 oz. knife-coated vinyl. Available in

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black .  

MA-125 Deluxe Sparring Mats are designed for optimum footing and excellent floor protection. The 1-3/8" foam core gives an excellent base for pivoting, kicking and sparring.

MA-200 Takedown Mats have a full 2" of crossed-link polyehtylene foam, offering good footing for standing techniques and excellent protection for throws and falls. Comparable in performance to the more expensive Swain mat.

MA-250 Deluxe Takedown Mats offer a 2-1/2" dual foam core combining a firm 1-3/8" crossed-link foam over 1-1/8" of softer polyurethane foam. This dual foam core offers great cushioning and shock absorption for heavier throws, falls and repeated impacts.

Enhance your commercial Martial Arts Studio or home recreation area with our permanent floor installation.This 2 part system is easy to install with our Power Foam crossed-link foam and separate one piece 18 oz. rugged vinyl covering. Floors can be installed for wall to wall protection or for designated training areas within a larger area. Foam is shipped in 6' x 42' rolls. Vinyl is shipped separately and is available in 12 attractive colors.

Red Dark Green Royal Blue Kelly Green Black
Sky Blue Orange Gray Yellow Brown White

martial arts mats takedown grappling mats Our Big TM8 Throw Mat is the perfect cushion to add for throws and gymnastics type moves. A full 8" of impact foam is covered with our 18 oz. durable vinyl covers for added safety and protection. Available in non-folding or single-folding designs.

Martial Arts Mats and Throw Pads
All Mats with Velcro on 4 sides
MA 125 1-3/8" MA 200 - 2" MA 250 - 2-1/2" TM 8 NF TM 8 SF
4' x 6' $138.00 $157.00 $171.00 $319.00 N/A
4' x 8' $174.00 $207.00 $229.00 $359.00 $394.00
5' x 10' $246.00 $300.00 $333.00 $516.00 $551.00
6' x 12' $324.00 $396.00 $456.00 $756.00 $791.00
8' x 12' $458.00 $557.00 $619.00 N/A N/A
Martial Arts Floor TarpsMartial Arts Custom Made Vinyl Covered Floor System
USGM T100 Standard MA Floor - Foam and Vinyl Separate
USGM 18 oz.
Vinyl Cover
up tp 1,000 sq ft
$.99 per sq ft
+1,000 sq ft
$.95 per sq ft
USGM Power Foam
6' x 42' Roll
USGM Power Foam
6' x 42' Roll
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