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Columbine High School Cheerleading US GymMats is proud to offer top of the line cheerleading foam, tumbling mats, gym mats and accessories that will help you develop your current and future cheerleaders. We have over 30 years experience in tumbling and gymnastics, and are able to provide you and your students with the best products at the lowest prices available.

Cheerleading Floors and Foam - ON SALE NOW

Blue 26 OZ. needle punch carpet permanently flame laminated to light weight, durable crossed-link polyethylene foam in rolls 6' X 42' long. This light weight combination is especially ideal for fast, easy daily setups in school gymnasiums or multipurpose rooms. Foam options- 1-3/8" and 2" crossed-link polyethylene foam, and the new high rebounding EVA foam in two thicknesses: 1-3/8" for medium floor protection, and the 2" thickness with its superior protection is recommended for advanced tumbling. Flexi Roll® cheer foam is now available for quick roll out, setup and breakdowns. US GymMats is proud to offer quality carpet bonded foam manufactured by Dollamur Sport Surfaces
Cheerleading Mats Flexi Rolls

  Item No. Size Per Roll Per 7 Roll Set Per 9 Roll Set
STANDARD Crossed-link Foam

Regular Roll

CF-125 6'x42'x1-3/8" $655 $4585 $5895
CF-200 6'x42'x2" $795 $5565 $7155
Flexi- Roll® CFLX-125 6'x42'x1-3/8" $655 $4585 $5895
CFLX-200 6'x42'x2" $795 $5565 $7155
EVA Crossed-link Foam
Flexi- Roll®          
Available in Blue Gray Red Purple Black
Red Gray Purple Black - additional charge per roll

Flexi-Roll® is a registered trademark of Dollamur LP.

4" Velcro Included with all Sets
@ No Additional Charge

Check our Freight Prices -
It could make a big difference
in total price

2" - $189.00
/ Individual Rolls - $22.
4" - $320.00 / Individual Rolls - $32.00

Tumbling Accessories | Incline Mats

Incline MatsUS GymMats offers a complete line of tumbling accessories for cheerleaders who are interested in improving their tumbling skills. Our inclines are made with prime polyurethane foam and covered with rugged 18 oz. knife coated vinyl. The best, safest way to learn back handsprings, snap down back handsprings, and back saltos.
Soft Inclines - Softer foam for Preschool children
Standard Inclines - Firmer foam for tumblers and cheerleaders
Deluxe Inclines - firm polyethylene foam on the top surface - supports heavier performers

Tumbling Accessories | Training Mats and Pits

US GymMats training mats and pits are designed for safety and longevity. Made with prime polyurethane foam and covered with rugged 18 oz. knife coated vinyl, these tumbling accessories will allow you and your cheerleaders to safely train advanced tumbling skills as well as partner and group work and tosses.The best, safest way to move your club or team toward the top.

These mats range from 8" thick to an incredible 32" thick
Your team's learning potential will skyrocket.

Training Mats
Gymnastics Pits
Item No. Size Non Fold Single Fold
TM8-46 4' x 6" x 8" $319.00 N/A
TM8-48 4' x 8' x 8" $359.00 $394.00
TM8-510 5' x 10' x 8" $516.00 $551.00
TM8-612 6' x 12' x 8" $756.00 $791.00
TM12-48 4' x 8' x 12" $426.00 $461.00
TM12-510 5' x 10' x 12" $787.00 $822.00
TM12-612 6' x 12' x 12" $901.00 $936.00
Training Pits | Prime Polyurethane | Lattice Design
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